• De Pere Intermediate School - De Pere, WI

    This project is just one example of how seating restoration is a viable option for many auditorium and theater projects that contain older seating in good structural condition.
  • De Pere Intermediate School - De Pere, WI

    This school auditorium, built in 1939, housed 422 American Seating chairs that were in serious disrepair. When the auditorium remodeling project came about, the owner hoped to maintain the vintage feel of the seating by salvaging the chairs core parts and updating the color selections and increasing the comfort. The chairs were removed from the auditorium and sent to the Irwin Seating plant for refurbishing. Original materials were stripped and refinished or replaced where beyond repair. The wood backs and armrests were refinished, end standards repainted, new foam pads and upholstery were selected and replaced. The final product was then reinstalled in the newly remodeled space. This project is just one example of how seating restoration is a viable option for many auditorium and theater projects that contain older seating in good structural condition.
  • Hamilton High School - Sussex, WI

    There are two large classrooms at Hamilton High School that are used for combined classes on a daily basis. The quick set-up of the Hufcor hinged panel partition allows the teacher to open or close the wall to accomodate the upcoming class size and activity. Panels are stacked in a storage pocket when not in use.
  • Woodside Elementary School - Sussex, WI

    This school has incorporated six (6) Hufcor hinged paired panel partitions to create a very open-concept classroom atmosphere. Partitions each have inset marker boards and a tackable cork subtrate. A conference room with a view of the librbary can be divided with the Hufcor hinged panel partition to create smaller meeting and classroom spaces. Installed in the gymnasium is a Hufcor series 7900G partition. This wall is manufactured with vinyl wallcovering fully laminated to a Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) backer for durability.
  • Maple Avenue Elementary School - Sussex, WI

    The architect selected the Hufcor series 7900G, manually operated gymnasium partition for this elementary school. The hinged panels set up quickly and easily, without the added cost of an electric motor and wiring. The Hufcor series 7560 manual paired panels were selected for the music room division. The high sound rating of this door (53 STC) is ideal for the separation of two rooms in which the sound control is key. A pass door panel has been included to allow ADA compliant access between rooms.
  • Carthage College – New Library - Kenosha, WI

    Within the new Carthage College Library is a coffee and sandwich shop that are open during limited hours. The architect wanted a seperation between the study and food service areas after hours. He designed two custom sliding walls to seperate the main study area and side hallway from the food service area. We were able to help the architect achieve his goal using a modified Hufcor panel partition.
  • Hamilton High School Restoration - Sussex, WI

    This 1960's vintage theater seating was restored by Irwin Seating in 1999. The all-plywood chairs were refinished, and foam and upholstery were added to the seat cushions and backs. A self-rise spring was added to the seats to allow ease of walking down the rows, and to create a clean appearance when the seats are not in use. The chair end panels were detailed to highlight the burgundy upholstery and dark cherry stained armrests, seat pans (bottoms), and seat backs.
  • UW Parkside Physical Education Building - Kenosha, WI

    The UW Parkside Physical Education Building houses a large multi-purpose classroom space that can be divided by two Hufcor hinged paired panel partitions to create smaller classrooms. When the panels are not in use, they stack out of site in a storage pocket in the back of the room.
  • Waukesha County Technical College - Pewaukee, WI

    An addition to the WCTC campus included an Education Center that houses a large banquet hall. To offer the students and local businesses a variety of room sizes to meet their conference and meeting room needs, the space was designed with two Hufcor series 7550 hinged paired panel partitions to dissect the room. The large space can be divided in half by a 70'-0" long, 14'-0" high Hufcor folding partition, creating two large conference rooms. When additional rooms are required for smaller meetings and luncheons, each half of the banquet hall can then be divided in half again. I have included a copy of the folding partition floorplan for your reference in the thumbnail photos at the bottom of the page.
  • Templeton Middle School - Sussex, WI

    Templeton Middle School has a Hufcor Gymnasium partition.
  • Marquette University - Milwaukee, WI

    The new School of Dentistry at Marquette University has a very diverse Multi-Purpose Room that houses five (5) Omni-Directional Panel Partitions for a variety of room set-ups. Additional Omni-Directional Panel Partitions are located in demonstration classrooms. These partitions seperate the classroom from the procedure room to allow demonstrations to an entire class when opened, and private procedure demos and training to individuals.
  • Rolling Hills Elementary School - Mukwonago, WI

    Series 7900G Electric Gymnasium Partition; 79'-4" x 24'-2" Series 7660 Omni-Directional Panel Partition on the Stage; 30'-0" x 14'-11". All panels have Clear anodized aluminum trim and a vinyl wallcovering selected from the Hufcor standard color card.
  • UW – Green Bay - Green Bay, WI

    This is a modified Hufcor 5500R partition. The door is two panels connected together to make up a single sliding door. The requirement was to have a panel partition that would allow the user to close off a 6'-6" x 8'-0" opening from a main corridor when the room is being used for meetings. Because the adjacent main corridor is a heavy traffic area, there is no space available to stack a folding panel partition between the two spaces. The architect found the idea of a sliding door very appealing. We were able to modify the standard Hufcor panels to provide a single sliding door to close off the opening when required, still allowing the area to be opened when meetings are not in session. To comply with exiting requirements from this meeting room, a doorway to a less traveled corridor was provided.
  • Lincoln Elementary School - South Milwaukee, WI

    Fire separations were required for balconies overlooking the cafeteria and multi-purpose space in this elementary school. Wondoors were able to provide the necessary fire control and still allow for open balconies within this activity space.
  • Chilton High School - Chilton, WI

    Hufcor Gymnasium partition with custom mural painted in the field.
  • Hamilton High School - Sussex, WI

    This high school purchased Irwin auditorium seating with high-back Marquee chairs for their new auditorium. Designtex "Firefly" upholstrey was applied. Maple armrests and aisle end panels were installed. ADA swing-away aisle ends were used in several locations, as well as chairs on moveable bases to provide wheelchair access or open up areas of seating for additional performance space.
  • Horace Mann Elementary School - West Allis, WI

    The auditorium seating replacement for this school is being completed in 2 phases. The seating in the rear of the auditorium is the original wood chairs. The front sections of chairs were removed, seating layouts were reconfigured to enhance comfort, and new Irwin "Citation" upholstered seats were installed.
  • Plymouth High School - Plymouth, WI

    This high school auditorium chair was restored with the original cast iron decorative end standards. Standards were repainted to match the original design. Chair backs and seats were supplied with new foam, springs, fabric, and chair mechanisms to provide updated "like-new" or better-than-new comfort and operation. Code requirements added ADA flip-up armrests to several chair locations throughout the theater. The old seating layout was re-worked to provide wider seating and an area in front with chairs on removable bases for maximum flexibility within the space.
  • Campbellsport High School - Campbellsport, WI

    This school purchased Irwin Citation chairs with the 12S suspension spring seat for their auditorium. The Irwin seating line allows the customer to select from chair "components" to mix and match a variety of chair backs, seats, standards, and end conditions, in addition to the fabric and color selections, to "create" a chair that will be comfortable, functional, and unique to their space while still fitting the budget.
  • Oconomowoc High School - Oconomowoc, WI

    Irwin Auditorium Seatin. High-back "Marquee" chairs.
  • Retzer Planetarium - Waukesha, WI

    New Irwin seating was installed in the planetium located at the Retzer Nature Center. We installed Irwin's Galaxy planetarium chair on this site. The high chair backs and vinyl headrests help make this chair comfortable and easily-maintained. After almost 5 years of use, this chair has been recently described as looking "brand-new" by a visiting planetarium director that was on site to inspect the seating for a future project at another location.
  • Parker High School - Janesville, WI

    Irwin Auditorium Seating