• Our Savior’s Lutheran Church - Hartland, WI

    This church contains onmi-directional paneled partitions that create two classrooms within a large Multi-Purpose Room, divided by a common corridor. Each one of the classrooms can then be divided again by an accordion door to create a total of four classrooms within the Multi-Purpose Room. There is also one paired panel partition that divides the Music Room, and two accordion doors in the Daycare to divide the children's classroom space.
  • First United Methodist Church - Racine, WI

    The church Sanctuary contains a large Omni-Directional Panel partition that is opened when additional space is required for large services and church events. The panels store in pockets on each side of the arched opening. A large classroom is created within the lower level multi-purpose room using Hufcor Omni- Directional Panels. The classroom can be divided by a paired panel partition to create two smaller classrooms. Each classroom contains a recessed marker board and ADA compliant pass door panel.
  • Oak Creek Assembly of God - Oak Creek, WI

    This church gymnasium is used for concerts and other performances in addition to athletics. The parishoners wanted a flexible area that would allow two uses simultaneously. The pictures in this portfolio show the stage and audience chairs set up on one side of the gymnasium, with plenty of room for athletics on the other side of the partition. When the wall is not in use, the manually-operated individual panels that make up this parititon are stored in a remote pocket to maximize the usable gymnasium space.
  • Bethel Lutheran Church - Madison, WI

    Bethel Lutheran Church uses their multi-purpose room for traffic overflow, a gathering space before and after services, and as a general meeting space. At the back of the multi-purpose room, a 55 foot long Skyfold electric vertical-lift folding panel partition separates the room from the main corridor. To close off the room's side chapels, two 15 foot long Hufcor sliding panel partitions were installed. The room can also be divided by the 75 foot long Hufcor Omni-Directional (individual) panel partition. This operable wall has been installed with curved track that arches across the 55 foot wide room.
  • Green Bay Community Church - Green Bay, WI

    Green Bay Community Church selected the Won-Door Durasound Accordion Doors for their multi-purpose room because the steel panel faces would provide excellent sound control and superior durability. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) of the Durasound partition is 48. The partitions are used to create a daycare area, meeting and classroom space, and to close off the kitchen service counters. Each classroom partition is pushed into a recessed pocket for storage when accordion door room separation is not required.
  • Garfield Baptist Church - Pewaukee, WI

    Garfield Baptist Church incorporated two Hufcor Hinged Paired Panel Partitions into their new building. The architect designed a Multi-Purpose Room that can be divided for smaller classroom space when needed. The panel opening is approximately 42 feet long, and 12 feet high. Recessed marker boards were installed in the panels to eliminate the need for additional storage space to house rolling chalk or marker boards. Another folding partition was installed in the second floor music room to divide this large classroom space when additional teaching space is required. Both folding partitions are Hufcor series 5660R with a 50 STC sound rating.
  • United Methodist Church - Whitefish Bay, WI

    This small hinged paired panel partition was installed to create a flexible classroom space with medium sound control. Each two panel group folds together to allow all four panels to store on one side of the room or two on each side when preferred.
  • St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church - River Hills, WI

    Unfinished Hufcor panels with window cut-outs were supplied and installed at this church, for field finishing by the owner. Glass was installed within the cut-outs and full-face wood paneling was applied in the field.
  • St. James Lutheran Church - Verona, WI

    This church installed intersecting Hufcor operable partitions in their multi-purpose room to create multiple classroom spaces. Exit doors were installed in the "corridor wall" operable partition for exiting from each classroom.