Wisconsin State Fair Grounds

The panels divide the convention space into three areas allowing multiple users to share the space without disruption. Panels are stacked in storage pockets when not in use. 30′ high pocket doors were installed to secure the panel storage areas. Three additional hinged panel partitions were installed in the second floor meeting rooms.

Casa Monreal’s

The owner’s were looking for a cost-effective way to direct people into the main bar after food service hours, blocking dining room access. A Hufcor single-parting accordion door was installed to pull across the entrance to the main dining room. The accordion door was fitted with a key lock, and stores in a pocket out of view during regular dining hours.

The Springs Resort

The panel model selected for this project was an easy choice. Because the original design lacked the support required to hold the weight of the new partitions, the installed product was the Hufcor series 5250 weight transfer panels. Using overhead track, each panel is rolled into position. Then using one quick and easy motion, the panel weight is gently transferred to the floor. This panel option eliminated the need for expensive overhead support.

Panels are covered in a Hufcor standard carpet color, with brown panel trim to protect the panel and wall covering edges. Pass door panels within the partition are equipped with inset, self-illuminating, exit signs.

Interlaken Resort

Hufcor series 7560 Omni-Directional Panels were used for the individual panel storage flexibility. This particular installation allows panels to be pushed through a narrow slot in the wall, into the service corridor. Panels can then be stored outside of the banquet room, maximizing the facility’s rentable area.

Radisson Hotel

The Hufcor operable partition provides the hotel with a flexible space for holding meetings, conferences, and receptions.

The Bull at Pinehurst Farms

Hufcor Omni-Directional and Paired Panel Partitions were installed with a standard Hufcor fabric wall covering. The storage pocket doors were uniquely designed in that the General Contractor supplied knotty pine panels with an unfinished veneer to be machined at the Hufcor manufacturing facility to fit the pocket door frames. After panels and pocket doors were installed, the doors were stained on site to match the trim and paneling throughout the hall.

Blue Harbor Resort

Mobilflex offers a large variety of security grille styles to suite both security and aesthetic needs of a space. Closed-style grilles are available with tempered or plexi glass panels, or solid aluminum panels if you don’t want others to have a view into the room you are securing. Open grilles are also available, and both the open and closed-style grilles have several finish options.

Midwest Express Airlines – Corporate Headquarters

We furnished one new partition, and relocated and modified another partition from the existing headquarters, for the new Training Center. New fabric was field-applied to the relocated panels to match the new room finishes.

Cousins Corporate Headquarters

This project remodeled the location’s bread baking facility into a corporate conference room, and additional office space. The 14′-0″ high conference room hinged panels stack in a recessed storage pocket between the wet bar and storage closet.

National Funeral Directors Association

Hufcor paired panel partitions are used to divide the large conference room. Type 3 pocket doors allow the operable wall to extend to the back wall of the pocket for optimum acoustics. A narrow flipper panel closes the pocket when panels are stacked.