Won-Door FireGuard (FG) electric accordion doors are installed in areas that require a fire seperation. The Won-Door accordion doors are linked to the security system and will automatically open or close when the alarm is activated. The door operation is programmed to perform according to the facility and door location requirements. Panic Hardware is available for each unit and will allow emergency exiting from the area. The Kenosha Hospital has installed several Won-Door FG accordion doors to seperate each floor from the open 3+ story Lobby. The Won-Door partitions will provide a fire barrier between the open lobby and each floor that opens up into that area. Small vision panels are incorporated into the FG accordion door to allow persons to see the conditions in the adjacent area when the door is closed.

The Community Education Room has incorported a Hufcor series 5500R Paired Panel Folding Partition along the back wall of the classroom to conceal equipment and cabinets from sight when they are not in use.

Hufcor Paired and Omni-Directional Panel Partitions are installed in several conference and training rooms throughout the building. The Hufcor panel partitions allow for flexible division of the space, meeting the needs of each particular group size or presentation requirement.

Hufcor Accordion Doors were installed in seven Labor and Delivery Rooms to close off the utility-style sink and medical supply cabinetry from view when not in use. The accordion doors installed in this location are not sound-rated (series 1500), but still incorporate the Hufcor standard reinforced vinyl surface for added durability and a uniform look throughout the length of the door.