Hufcor 5000R series panels were provided with unfinished Medium Density Fiberboard face construction. Modified panels were bolted together on site to create flat sliding walls, one (1) 5′-0″ wide for the hallway entrance, and one (1) 30′-0″ wide that includes a 6 ft. wide pivot door creating the main entry.

The unfinished panels were finished by the general contractor. Wood veneer was applied to the panel faces on the study area side of the sliding panels. A cut-through handle was created and trimmed in wood for each panel group.

Panel storage differs for each of the openings. The 5′-0″ wide hallway door slides easily into a tight-fitting storage pocket (shown in one of the thumbnail pictures below). The large kitchen opening has two (2) 12′-0″ wide panels that slide to store flat against the drywall partition, exposed within the study area. And finally, the pivot panel swings into the kitchen space and stores against the kitchen wall.

Please look at the thumbnail pictures below for different views of this custom sliding panel system.