Sheboygan Theater

Ornate cast iron end standards were detailed in burgundy, black, and gold. The wood seat back and armrest finish was selected to coordinate with the gold and burgundy carpet and upholstery. The chairs also include a decorative wood reveal along the outer edge of the upholstered seat backs.

To meet with ADA compliance, several armrests are equipped with a special swing-out end panel allowing persons with disabilities to easily slide into the seat.

This project is a wonderful example of a beautiful theater restoration in Wisconsin. Make plans to see a performance and enjoy the beauty firsthand!

Potawatomi Casino

The chairs were selected starting with the Springfield style chair. The Mineral Green fabric covering the chair back and seat was paired with a Golden Oak wood finish for the chair back, reveal and armrests. The chair’s finishing touch includes Copper Vein highlighting the metal end standards.

Janesville Performing Arts Center

Milwaukee Art Museum

Wondoor fire-rated accordion doors are installed at the entrance to the Calatrava addition of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Country Inn & Suites

The owner requested that the folding partition wall covering match the wall covering applied to the adjacent permanent walls. A customer-supplied vinyl was applied to the panel faces at the factory, and finished panels were shipped to the site for installation.

Chammps Americana Restaurant

The custom-made folding wood and glass panels, created by their carpenter, were designed with Hufcor panel carriers for use in Hufcor track recessed into the soffit above.

Tornado’s Sports Bar and Banquet Hall

Three (3) Hufcor series 5260 Floor Supported partitions were installed with pass doors with concealed closers, and inset panic bar exit hardware. Additional track was installed to allow the partitions to divide the room in half, or in a 60/40 layout. Panels are stacked in an open storage area in the corner of the Banquet Hall. A transfer track runs the complete width of the storage area allowing panels to be placed across the front of the area to conceal the panels when they are not in use.

Hufcor series 5660R panels are used in the area adjacent to the balcony. Two panels have pass doors with a concealed closer. One of the pass door panels has a notched leading edge allowing it to seal against the gypsum board soffit and the face of the series 5260 floor supported panels.

One partition consists of Hufcor PCS portable panels. This partition is positioned under a cantilevered platform area in the Banquet Room. The floor-supported PCS panels were selected because the cantilevered platform does not provide the support required for the overhead track transfer system utilized for the series 5260 floor supported panels.

When the partitions are in place, the large banquet room is converted to multi-use meeting and function room space. Hufcor partitions allow the owner to sell multiple spaces with corridor access to each area without disruption to the other users. This gives the owner the flexiblility he needs while meeting the occupancy codes for the space.

Holiday Inn Express

To maximize the hotel’s weekday income potential, one of the banquet halls was designed with two (2) Hufcor Hinged Paired Panel Partitions to divide the large room into three meeting room spaces. The panels are covered with a custom vinyl wallcovering to match the permanent walls within the banquet hall. Storage pockets were built to house the panels when not in use.

Hawk’s View Golf Club

One Hufcor omni-directional partition divides the large L-shaped banquet hall into two large meeting/event areas. One side of the banquet area can then be divided again to provide two meeting rooms when required. This second division is created by a Hufcor hinged paired panel partition.

Both partitions have storage pockets to protect the panels when not in use. In this instance, the omni panels store parallel to the main track. And as always, the hinged paired panels stack perpendicular to the main track run.

Geneva National Golf Club

The panel partitions divide the room into three new spaces, each with a wonderful golf course and lake view. While the divided spaces can accomodate smaller groups for luncheons and meetings, the room remains flexible for large group use as well. The easy set-up and take-down of the panels allows for quick turnaround for a large banquet event. When the partitions are not required, the panels are stacked in storage closets with decorative wood doors.